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Cocktail Seeker

Generate and build the cocktail you desire!

Find the ingredients

Search what ingredients do you have or wanted from the bar to make the perfect drink for you or your friends at a cocktail party. Cocktails with no hassle under seconds!

Choose the cocktail

Once the ingredients are selected, all the cocktails recipes that have these ingredients will be available with just a click distance. Add or remove ingredients on the go.

Prepare the drink

The cocktail page yields information about the recipe, a short description of the history, the preparation, ingredients, similar recipes you can have, and much more.

No app required

There is no need to install any 3rd apps on your phone. Our app is fully optimized and responsive to work on mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

Hundreds of cocktails

Our database of cocktails is growing daily, with fresh new cocktails that you can enjoy. Indeed, you will find one you love.

Many ingredients

Lots of ingredients you can add to the mix and play. Create the cocktail with the ingredients you have with our cocktail generator app.

Cocktail generator

Generate the cocktail with what ingredients do you have in the bar. The process is simple, saving your precious time.

IBA cocktails

Most of the cocktails available on the app are the IBA official cocktails are cocktails chosen by the International Bartenders Association.

Cocktails variety

Here you will find a great variety of cocktails ranging from classic cocktails to enjoy, the new ones, and even the so-called Millenium ones.