Cherry brandy

Fruit spirit (or fruit brandy) is a distilled drink made from mash, juice, wine or residues of edible fruits. The term covers a broad class of spirits made across the world, and generally excludes beverages made from grapes, which are referred to as plain brandy pomace brandy. Apples, pears, apricots, plums and cherries are the most typically used fruits.

In the US, cherry brandy is described as an unsweetened fruit brandy that has to be "distilled solely from the fermented juice or mash of whole, sound, ripe fruit or from standard fruit wine". Brandy here is just a catch-all phrase for spirits derived from fruit.

In the European Union, fruit spirits may not be marked as "fruit brandy"; instead, the legal English denomination is fruit spirit.

A great number of European fruit spirits have a protected identification of origin, and are marked with their respective protected names instead of "fruit spirit" ("apricot spirit", etc.). Cider spirit and perry spirit form a separate legal category. Some fruit spirits may be labeled with alternative names such as cherry spirit or plum spirit nevertheless their country of origin.

The term Cider Brandy is PGI protected within Europe and The United Kingdom and refers specifically to the products of the Somerset Cider Brandy Company; these Cider Brandies are mainly traded at 42% ABV alongside several variation products.

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Black cat

The black cat is a simple mixed drink perfect for a Halloween party, happy hour, or a lazy day on the patio. It's easy to mix up and a tasty cocktail for your favorite vodka. All the ingredients are relatively affordable, so it's also a very budget-friendly drink to prepare at home. Though the original recipe does not add a garnish, it would be a great addition to a party. The obvious choice would be a red maraschino cherry. You could also improvise and add other cherries types. Make your variation of the drink as it's a fun and useful DIY project that creates cocktails you'll want to share. If this cocktail it's served during Halloween then add special garnish options. The lychee eyeball is always a good call and would be delightful floating on top of the ice. You can also use original ice trays with skulls, bones, and other spooky figures. To obtain a "bloody" effect, add a little grenadine to the tray, or add red fruit like cranberries to the ice. The use of black vodka is also a good option to get this effect.