Crème de cacao

Crème de cacao is a chocolate-flavored liqueur. It's perhaps one of the first alcoholic drinks, made in the 1600s by monks. The ingredient is a chocolate-flavored liqueur primarily made of cocoa beans and vodka and often scented with vanilla.

Creme de cacao can be drunk straight as a digestif after a meal. It also features many popular cocktails, most of them sweet cocktails. It comes in 2 varieties, dark and white.

Crème de cacao is also great with

4 minutes

A Grasshopper is a sweet, mint-flavored, after-dinner drink. The name of the drink derives from its green color, which comes from crème de menthe. Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. The drink was allegedly created in 1919 in New Orleans, but it didn’t become a household name until the 1950s. The drink gained popularity during the 1950s and 1960s throughout the American South.

4 minutes
20th Century

The 20th Century is a gin cocktail invented in 1937 by C.A. Tuck. The drink is named after the 20th Century Limited express train which ran between New York City and Chicago from 1902 until 1967. The ingredients may seem strange, but the gin’s dry nature and botanical flavor profile pair perfectly with Lillet blanc, a light aromatized wine. This recipe is very similar with the Corpse Reviver cocktail recipe with crème de cacao stepping in for the orange liqueur.

3 minutes

The Panama cocktail is made with equal parts of cognac, white crème de cacao, and cream; garnish with nutmeg if preferred. The drink was widespread during the early 20th century. It to not be confused with the Brandy Alexander, which is made with dark instead of white crème de cacao.