Red Chili Pepper

The red chili pepper is the berry-fruit used in many cuisines as a spice. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and different unique plant compounds. These contain capsaicin, the substance that causes your mouth to burn. Capsaicin has several health benefits, as well as negative effects. It can help promote weight loss and relieve pain when consumed regularly.

Red Chili Pepper is also great with

4 minutes
Spicy Fifty

Made with vodka (or vanilla vodka), elderflower cordial, honey syrup, red chili pepper, and fresh lemon juice. It is designed to offer a sweet sensation at first, followed by citrusy freshness, and to finish with a slight heat of the chili. The recipe was created in 2004/5 by Salvatore Calabrese for his bar Fifty, London, England, which after the usual delays, opened in 2005.