B and B

B and B
2 minutes
B&B stands for Bénédictine D.O.M. and Brandy. Creating the drink is as simple as combining the two ingredients. This is one of the best classic cocktails, ideal for an after-dinner drink or nightcap.

The producers of Bénédictine also create a pre-mixed B&B which is good. However, if you have a favorite brandy of your own, you will find a made-from-scratch B&B the better choice.

One of the best classic cocktails served on ice. A B&B is often served on the rocks. Some drinkers prefer it straight up and others like it slightly warmer. It is almost always served in a brandy snifter, which grabs the aroma and improves the enjoyment of drinking it.

The brandy brings dryness to the sweetness of Benedictine whose full texture hides the tongue with sweet flavors. This original and classic B and B drink's light herbal flavor is a sensual experience as its long and soft after taste.

Any cocktail that uses a liqueur mixed by monks has got to be good. It is warm, smooth, and has a slight herbal taste from the Benedictine. It starts somewhat sweet, and ends with a comforting warmth. While there are other Benedictine cocktails, none can be compared to the B&B in taste and smoothness.


Adjust Servings
1 1/2 ounce Brandy
1 1/2 ounce Bénédictine liqueur


Gather the ingredients.
Pour the liquors into a brandy snifter.
Stir well.
Add ice if you like and serve.