Barracuda Cocktail Recipe

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Barracuda Cocktail Recipe


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barracuda-9754436 The history of this cocktail tracks from a recipe created in the late 1950s by Italian bartender Benito Cuppari while working on the Cristoforo Colombo cruise liner. Initially served in half a pineapple shell this was elevated to a souvenir ceramic pineapple and quickly evolved the ship’s signature cocktail. The Barracuda cocktail is an old classic in the history of mixology, one of those simple, aromatic, and velvety sparkling drinks. The warm flavor of rum combines beautifully with pineapple and lime and, the touch of prosecco is there to close the loop. The Barracuda is an alcoholic cocktail based on gold rum, Galliano liqueur, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice and topped with Prosecco. The ingredients for making the Barracuda cocktail are readily available.

Although the Barracuda cocktail has a medium-high alcohol content, it is an excellent aperitif, thanks to its aromas and smooth rhythm. In this symphony, you will find a thousand tips, but be careful because, in the end, it is an aperitif cocktail. It is tricky since alcohol is not so perceptible on the palate: a sort of boosted fake Mimosa. No more than two before dinner.


Shake all the ingredients with ice.


Strain into glass, top with sparkling wine and serve.


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