Aperol is an Italian bitters apéritif composed of gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona, amongst other ingredients. It has a lively orange color. Its name originates from the Italian slang term for aperitivo, which is apero.

Invented by the Barbieri brothers in 1919, in Padova. It is a light and fresh aperitif that owes its savors to sweet and bitter oranges, rhubarb, and gentian root.

Usually, the Aperol is served before a meal like an aperitif and has 11% alcohol by volume. The drink does not need any mixt or addition because its light flavor makes it perfect for just that.

Aperol is also great with

4 minutes
Paper Plane

The Paper Plane is cocktail made with equal parts Bourbon whiskey, Aperol, the amaro Amaro Nonino, and lemon juice. The Paper Plane is an IBA official cocktail and was developed around 2007 by Sasha Petraske and Sam Ross for their former colleague Toby Maloney's Chicago bar The Violet Hour. The Paper Plane is a modern variation on the Last Word, a classic, equal-parts drink composed of gin, lime, maraschino liqueur and green Chartreuse.

4 minutes
Naked and Famous

The Naked and Famous is an impressive cocktail, consisting of equal parts mezcal, yellow Chartreuse, Aperol, and fresh lime juice to create the perfect harmony of smoky, citrus, bitter and sweet. This modern cocktail was created in 2011, but it’s a great cocktail that we know and love.

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A Spritz is an Italian wine-based cocktail, commonly served as an aperitif in Northeast Italy. It consists of prosecco, digestive bitters and soda water. Since 2011 Spritz is an IBA official cocktail, initially listed as "Spritz Veneziano" then simply as "Spritz". Aperol traces its roots back to Padua, Italy. The aperitivo was created in 1919 while the Spritz was born during the period of the Habsburg domination in Veneto in the 1800s.