Creme de Noyaux

Crème de Noyaux is an almond-flavored crème liqueur, made from apricot kernels or the kernels of peach or cherry pits, which have an almond-like flavor. The name comes from the French noyau kernel, pit, or core. It is an ingredient in many cocktails, like Old Etonian.

Creme de Noyaux is also great with

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Royal Arrival

Royal Arrival is a cocktail made with gin, lemon juice, Crème de Noyaux, and egg whites. The cocktail has many variations, but the most common recipe includes gin, brandy, and rum. This cocktail was invented by Joe Gilmore in 1960, who prepared it to mark the birth of Prince Andrew. This cocktail is a fruit-filled drink that is perfect for spring and summer and is served in a tall glass with ice.

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Old Etonian

The Old Etonian is a gin cocktail popular in London, around the 1920s. The cocktail takes its name from Eton College and the college's alumni, often referred to as Old Etonians. The Garden Hotel in London is a place that had mastered the Old Etonian cocktail during that era.