Horchata is a name given to different plant-based beverages, but sometimes containing animal milk. In Latin America, the base ingreidint for this drink is jicaro, melon or sesame seeds; white rice, along with other spices. Other varieties can be served hot or cold and may be used as a flavor in other beverages, such as frappé coffee.

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The Hennchata is a cocktail made from Hennessy cognac and Mexican rice horchata agua fresca. The Hennchata consists of 4 oz horchata plus 1.5 oz of Hennessy V.S. served with a straw in a thick-walled. The drink was invested by Jorge Sánchez of Gilroy, and served in a Mexican restaurant in downtown San Jose. Since its debut in 2013, an average of 85 a day have been sold, with more than 17,000 in a year. Thus the restaurant has become the biggest seller of Hennessy bottles in Northern California. LVMH managers have visited and invited Sanchez to red-carpet events.