Irish cream liqueur

Irish cream is a cream liqueur based on Irish whiskey, cream, and other flavorings. It generally has an ABV (alcohol by volume) level of 15 to 20% and is served on its own or in mixed drinks, most typically Irish coffee. Its biggest markets are the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

The liqueur is made with heavy cream and whiskey. Usually is mixed with flavors like cocoa and vanilla to add depth and complement the aged alcohol. Coffee is also a good add-in for those who enjoy an espresso taste.

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Irish Car Bomb
2 minutes
Irish Car Bomb

An Irish Car Bomb is a cocktail, similar to a boilermaker, made by dropping a bomb shot of Irish cream and whiskey into a glass of stout. The Irish Shot is a 1979 invention that quickly took off in Irish pubs and other bars around the U.S. It was first created by Charles Burke Cronin Oat.