Swedish Punsch

Punsch refers to a specific type of alcoholic liqueur and punch widespread in Sweden and Finland. Is also know as Swedish Punsch, Militär Punsch, Arrack Pun(s)ch, or Caloric Pun(s)ch. It is made by mixing arrack, brandy or rum with arrak tea (lemon & spices), sugar, and water. First brought to Sweden from Java in 1733.

Swedish Punsch is also great with

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The Diki-Diki is a cocktail drink with calvados, Swedish Punsch, and grapefruit juice. It first appeared in the 1920s when it was popular in London's higher-end American Bars. Nowadays is more commonly served as a Tiki drink. The initial recipe calls for shaking the ingredients with ice in 2:1:1 proportions. Over time later variations have modified the ratio to greater highlight the calvados as the base ingredient (4:1:1). The Diki-Diki is presently served primarily in Tiki bars. A tiki bar is a themed drinking place that serves decorated cocktails, especially rum-based mixed drinks such as Mai Tai and Zombie cocktails.