Angel Face Cocktail Recipe

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Angel Face Cocktail Recipe


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angel20face-3407791 Cocktails come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, but most include one base spirit accented by other ingredients. That is the case with Angel’s Face recipe, an original cocktail from Brooklyn bartender Jay Zimmerman that mixes gin and applejack, plus apricot liqueur. The story of the Angel Face cocktail began in 1930 when Harry Craddock published its splendid collection of recipes: the Savoy Cocktail Book. The main source of inspiration for this drink is the notorious gangster of the American Prohibition (Angel Face). Others state that the cocktail is dedicated to Rick Blaine, the legendary star of Casablanca, starring Humphrey Bogart, considered that the film came out in 1942. Gin is a traditional base ingredient that seldom joins forces with applejack. Applejack is a kind of apple brandy that dates back to the late 1600s when the American colonists turned their apple harvests into hard cider, discovering they had something a lot stronger. They increased the cider’s alcohol content by leaving barrels outside overnight to freeze resulting in a high-proof spirit they dubbed “applejack.”

The Angel Face is a cocktail made from gin, apricot brandy, and Calvados in equal amounts.

Adjust Servings
1 ounce Gin
1 ounce Apricot brandy
1 ounce Calvados


Pour all ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes.


Strain into a cocktail glass.


Garnish with an orange peel and serve.




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