Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry
10 minutes
A Tom and Jerry is a classic Christmastime cocktail in the United States. It is a version of Eggnog with brandy and rum added and served hot, usually in a mug or a bowl. The main difference between Tom & Jerry and the Eggnog is that the first is served warm, and the Eggnog, on the other hand, is cold and already mixed and ready to drink.
It's a sweet, warm drink flavored with dark rum and cognac, and it's been a holiday choice since the 1820s, particularly in the Midwest.


Adjust Servings
1 tablespoon Tom and Jerry batter
1 ounce Dark rum
1 ounce Brandy
1 top up Hot milk
1 garnish Grated nutmeg


Rinse a small coffee mug with boiling water to warm it, then discard the water.
Add the rum, cognac and batter into the cup and top with hot milk.
Garnish with grated nutmeg.
Serve and enjoy!
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