Monkey Gland

Monkey Gland
3 minutes
The sweetened combination of gin, orange juice, grenadine and the dash of absinthe makes a really nice drink. The Monkey Gland was created in the 1920s by Harry MacElhone, owner of Harry's New York Bar in Paris, France. Most recipes for the monkey gland suggest adding a splash of absinthe or one of its many substitutes to the shaker to create a nice fruity cocktail.


Adjust Servings
1 dash Absinthe
2 ounce Gin
1 ounce Orange juice
1 1/2 teaspoon Grenadine
1 garnish Orange slice


Swirl a dash of absinthe in a chilled cocktail glass to coat it, then discard any excess liqueur.
In a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes, pour the gin, orange juice, and grenadine and shake well.
Strain into the prepared glass.
Garnish with an orange slice.
Serve and enjoy.